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Is “selling out” even a thing anymore?

“Selling out” means compromising your art or integrity for personal gain. Sometimes that involves paid product placement. (Wikipedia) I’m used to it being considered a bad (or at least controversial) thing. I watched Generation Like on...


Why do you favourite things on Twitter?

Why do you favourite things on Twitter? I know there’s no enforceable “correct” way to use favourites, but what makes sense? I’ve favourited tweets to: “Bookmark” something to read later. Show support without passing the...


Getting Started on Twitter

Originally posted by Jared at Getting Started on Twitter – Week 1 on January 9, 2013. I get students in both of my classes to use Twitter during the semester. Sometimes there’s a little trepidation. Some...


The Dynamics of Facebook: Pay to Share?

2Ve posted The Problem with Facebook on YouTube earlier this week. Derek Muller talks about how posts are included in your Facebook news feed and the potential consequences and side-effects. He brings up some interesting points....


Twitter Tips from KISSmetrics

Want to get more out of Twitter? This post on the KISSmetrics blog has some good food for thought:  The Seven Secret Habits of Twitter Power Users  


Whose Tweets Should Be “Required Reading”?

Looking for Suggestions Last week I posted this question on Twitter: Other than yourself (of course) what #Twitter accounts would you recommend newbies follow to get an idea of the platform’s potential? Thanks to...


Scheduling Posts? Use Caution, and Reminders.

I usually discourage people from scheduling tweets or Facebook posts so that they are automatically published later on. My reasons: It can make you look out of touch, insensitive, or worse. (Here’s an example.)...