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Get to Your WordPress Blog’s Dashboard Quick

Students in my BSMRCCE class just started new blogs on This post shows them how to get to their dashboards without going to the WordPress site first. If you want a quick way...


Getting Started on Twitter

Originally posted by Jared at Getting Started on Twitter – Week 1 on January 9, 2013. I get students in both of my classes to use Twitter during the semester. Sometimes there’s a little trepidation. Some...


The Dynamics of Facebook: Pay to Share?

2Ve posted The Problem with Facebook on YouTube earlier this week. Derek Muller talks about how posts are included in your Facebook news feed and the potential consequences and side-effects. He brings up some interesting points....


Twitter Tips from KISSmetrics

Want to get more out of Twitter? This post on the KISSmetrics blog has some good food for thought:  The Seven Secret Habits of Twitter Power Users  


Whose Tweets Should Be “Required Reading”?

Looking for Suggestions Last week I posted this question on Twitter: Other than yourself (of course) what #Twitter accounts would you recommend newbies follow to get an idea of the platform’s potential? Thanks to...


Scheduling Posts? Use Caution, and Reminders.

I usually discourage people from scheduling tweets or Facebook posts so that they are automatically published later on. My reasons: It can make you look out of touch, insensitive, or worse. (Here’s an example.)...


Jai McDowall on Britain’s Got Talent

I saw this while looking for songs in my range to take to singing lessons. Not quite as dramatic as Susan Boyle’s audition, but still good.


What are you working towards?

“We all need to decide for ourselves what the dream really looks like.” Productivity and Happiness: Why Are We So Busy?


Email. We’re doing it wrong.

Email is a source of stress for me. I get too much of it, I’m expected to respond to it, and a lot of it is just noise.  I think a lot of people...