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Frustration 2

Stop Writing for the “Last Sinner”

When creating content, don’t focus on the last person who frustrated you. Instead, clearly communicate with a reasonable, average person in your community.


Keep Your Warmest Regards Out of the Office

“Warmest Regards…” It’s a little unsettling to see those words at the bottom of a co-worker’s email. It seems sappy and insincere. It even makes me feel a little sick inside. It’s not a...


Whose Tweets Should Be “Required Reading”?

Looking for Suggestions Last week I posted this question on Twitter: Other than yourself (of course) what #Twitter accounts would you recommend newbies follow to get an idea of the platform’s potential? Thanks to...


Scheduling Posts? Use Caution, and Reminders.

I usually discourage people from scheduling tweets or Facebook posts so that they are automatically published later on. My reasons: It can make you look out of touch, insensitive, or worse. (Here’s an example.)...


Email. We’re doing it wrong.

Email is a source of stress for me. I get too much of it, I’m expected to respond to it, and a lot of it is just noise.  I think a lot of people...