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Bloggers: Focus on Process or Goals?

Do we focus too much on our goals? I read a post by James Clear today on Medium. He argues that we should focus less on long-term goals and more on our system for...


Scheduling Posts? Use Caution, and Reminders.

I usually discourage people from scheduling tweets or Facebook posts so that they are automatically published later on. My reasons: It can make you look out of touch, insensitive, or worse. (Here’s an example.)...


What are you working towards?

“We all need to decide for ourselves what the dream really looks like.” Productivity and Happiness: Why Are We So Busy?


Email. We’re doing it wrong.

Email is a source of stress for me. I get too much of it, I’m expected to respond to it, and a lot of it is just noise.  I think a lot of people...