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Getting Through Your Awkward Phase on Twitter

According to a survey conducted by the Deutsche Bank (and written about on Quartz), three of the biggest reasons people stop using Twitter are: They were getting the information somewhere else. There was no useful...


Manual Retweets on Twitter

Originally posted by Jared at Manual Retweets on Twitter on January 15, 2013. Last night in class everyone was asked to try “automatic” retweeting (using the official retweet link) and “manual” retweeting (using “RT”). Afterwards...


Why do you favourite things on Twitter?

Why do you favourite things on Twitter? I know there’s no enforceable “correct” way to use favourites, but what makes sense? I’ve favourited tweets to: “Bookmark” something to read later. Show support without passing the...


Getting Started on Twitter

Originally posted by Jared at Getting Started on Twitter – Week 1 on January 9, 2013. I get students in both of my classes to use Twitter during the semester. Sometimes there’s a little trepidation. Some...


Twitter Tips from KISSmetrics

Want to get more out of Twitter? This post on the KISSmetrics blog has some good food for thought:  The Seven Secret Habits of Twitter Power Users  


Whose Tweets Should Be “Required Reading”?

Looking for Suggestions Last week I posted this question on Twitter: Other than yourself (of course) what #Twitter accounts would you recommend newbies follow to get an idea of the platform’s potential? Thanks to...