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Who Uses Social Media?

Last night in BSMRCCE we talked about who uses social media… and who doesn’t. A couple interesting points came up. On one hand, sometimes people say they don’t use social media, but what they...

Who Benefits from Your Financial Activity?

I’m enrolled in an online Coursera / McMaster course called Finance for Everyone: Decisions. One of the requirements is posting about what we’re learning.  We’re learning about different financial stakeholders, and the motivations behind the...

SimCity BuildIt

I like games that involve developing or building something. I’m not into racing other players, or shooting enemies. I’d rather create a civilization or build a city. My favourite game on my phone right...

Moustache Memoirs — A Grateful Mo

Jared grew a moustache named Harry for Movember. Thanks to everyone who donated, encouraged, or took the opportunity to talk to friends about men’s health.

Moustache Memoirs — As the Mo Grows

Jared’s growing a moustache for Movember. His name is Harry, and he’s been keeping a journal. Check out the pics and Harry’s entries for Movember 16 – 20.