Bloggers: Focus on Process or Goals?

Focus on Process or Goals?Do we focus too much on our goals?

I read a post by James Clear today on Medium. He argues that we should focus less on long-term goals and more on our system for reaching those goals. He makes some good points. Read theĀ original article.

Not that goals aren’t important. Near the end of the post James writes that goals are good for planning progress, but not making progress. The way I interpret that: Use your goals to make a plan, then work the plan.

Blogging is a long-term project. Set goals for yourself, but then let those goals inform some really good planning. Take pride not just in the end result, but in the process of forming writing habits and making new connections as you go. Check in every so often to make sure your plan is working as you expected and adapt as necessary — but focus on the process.

I think James’ advice makes sense for new bloggers. What do you think? Are you more successful when you focus on your goals, or on your process for reaching them?

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