Too Close?

I want to start using Instagram more, so I was trying to think of a theme of posts I could work on.

TooClose 2014-09-09

Not my best iphoneography, but you get the idea.

Did any of you get Owl Magazine when you were a kid? It’s a fun, educational mag for pre-teens. In one of the regular segments* they’d show you a really close-up picture of something and ask you to guess what it was.

I was thinking it might be neat to do the same kind of thing. I’d take pictures like this one and label them #tooclose. People could try to guess what it is (if they want) and then later I could post a zoomed out version.

Is this too cheezy? Got a guess for what’s in the picture?

* I’m pretty sure this was in Owl, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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