Moustache Memoirs — Fostering the Fuzz

Jared’s moustache is keeping a journal for Movember. His name is Harry. Here are his entries for Movember 11 – 15. You can read his earlier posts here and here.

Movember 11Movember 11

Thank you Angi and Jack! They both donated since yesterday and now I’m really close to my goal. You guys are nice!

Plus, look at me! Gettin’ all dark and stormy on the ol’ upper lip.

:{) — Harry

Movember 12Movember 12

If I was creating a profile on a dating site for moustaches, it would include this picture. Look at me, all fuzzy and sexy!

I admit, it was a group effort. Jared’s eyes were definitely pulling their weight. Left-side forehead moustache was doing a great job too.

And great news! Thanks to you, I’ve reached my fundraising goal already! Thank you very much Jack, Angi, and Dale. You’re all amazing, and we appreciate your help.

:{) — Harry

Movember 13Movember 13

We were rocking it 70’s style today. Jared said he thought we looked like something out of a cop show from back then.

I’m starting to get pretty big. I may even need a trim pretty soon! And I’ve come all this way in just two weeks!

At McMaster, where Jared works, the campus store is selling Movember t-shirts. In that article, they also mention this research project about prostate cancer and depression which got Movember funding last year! If you’re interested, here’s some more info about Movember’s funding strategy.

:{) — Harry

Movember 14Movember 14

Fuzzy wuzzy little mo,
How I do adore you so.
Wherever you do I shall go,
A happy moustache and his bro.

— moustache poetry, by Harry.

Today, we’re working the 80’s angle. One of the students in Jared’sĀ  class posted this tweet:

Jared says we might as well own it. I agree.

:{) — Harry

Movember 15Movember 15

For Movember’s MOVE challenge, Jared and I have been taking Murphy out for walks every day. (Usually Murph just gets to run around the back yard.)

Here’s a picture of all three of us. Murph’s more of a beard guy, but I still think we’re a good-looking crew!

Jared found this video explaining what Movember is, and said we should post it in case people have questions. (I like this part: “The moustache is our hairy ribbon, our badge of honour. It starts conversations about men’s health.”)

If you’d like to support the programs Movember helps fund, remember you can give a small donation on our Mo Space page — or the page of another Mo Bro or Mo Sista that you know!

:{) — Harry

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