Moustache Memoirs — Harry Holds On

Jared’s moustache is keeping a journal for Movember. Here are his entries for Movember 6 – 10. You can read his earlier posts here.

Movember 6 (Harry's Growing)Movember 6

Look at me grow!

I’m starting to look legitimately fuzzy.

BTW, thank you very much Myrna, Chelsea, Deb, and Jared’s Mom! (They all made Movember donations, and now I’m almost halfway to my goal!)

:{) — Harry

Movember 7Movember 7

Did you know that I’m part of a team?

It was Jared’s co-workers, Colin and Andrew, who convinced him to give me a chance! They’re on a Movember team together, called the ComStaches.

Jared says the name has something to do with the fact they work for the business school at McMaster. Business isn’t really my thing… unless it’s the business of making Jared’s upper lip look amazing!

:{) — Harry

Movember 8Movember 8

Jared says this is a scruffy day. Beard got a day off from being shaved!

We’ve just been hanging out. He’s got to head back to the follicles tomorrow, but it’s been nice to chill.

Jared also came across some good health tips for guys on the Don’t Change Much website. Here’s a video from the site…

Every little bit counts, right?

:{) — Harry

Movember 9Movember 9

People are starting to notice me!

I’m no longer a suspicious shadow on Jared’s upper lip. I’m coming into my own, and people are realizing that Jared’s Movember-ing!

Not everyone has a Harry though. Some people can’t grow a moustache for the month. But there are other things you can do to help!

There’s making a donation to help fund men’s health programs, of course. But you can also help spread the word about Movember online, play Run Mo Run on your phone, or just give your favourite MoBro a high five!

:{) — Harry

Movember 10Movember 10

I have two new friends: Jared’s eyebrows (or, as I like to call them, his forehead moustaches).

We discovered we have a lot in common, and complement each other nicely.

So now I look out for Jared’s mouth while they cover Jared’s eyes. (Nose, you’re on your own, but I’ve got your back if anything comes up.)

It’s great to have friends!

:{) — Harry

Would you like to help Harry reach his $200 fundraising goal for Movember? Make a small donation. The little guy appreciates it.

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