Moustache Memoirs — The First 5 Days

Jared’s moustache is keeping a journal for Movember. Here are the first five entries.

Movember 1Movember 1

Look at me! Well, I suppose you can’t, really. I haven’t emerged yet. (Jared had to start the month clean shaven.)

I’m just a sparkle in my upper lip’s follicles! See you soon.


Movember 2Movember 2

Ta-da! I have arrived!

Ok… Truth be told I emerge this much about 3 or 4 times a week. But it’s a start.

Jared’s nose is already starting to complain. He says he feels very exposed in these pictures. But it’s my time to shine!

As you know, I’m out on the town for a reason: Movember! Did you see the Huffington Post’s article today?

Here it is: Movember Is Back, Will Canada Dominate This Year’s Moustache Fundraiser?


Movember 3 (Edited)Movember 3

Today was a big day! Beard and I have officially decoupled. We are now independent entities! He got shaved this morning and I have a day’s growth on him.

You probably already know Movember helps fight prostate cancer. I’m not close to Jared’s prostate, but I still consider us friends. After all, we’re in this together!

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer in men, worldwide. So for all the prostates out there (and the people who love them), I’m trying to make just a little bit of a difference.


Movember 4 (Hirsute?)Movember 4

Progress! It is being made!

I’m starting to get established here on the ol’ upper lip. Jared even says he thinks he’s starting to look a bit “hirsute.” I’m not sure what that means, but here’s a picture. Is he hirsute yet?

I was talking to Jared’s prostate, and he thinks some guys don’t get checked for his kind of cancer because they’re nervous about having a prostate exam.

I asked what it was like, and he showed me this video by the Try Guys!

Prostate says it’s pretty straightforward. You’re dealing with a professional (the doctor) after all.


Movember 5 (Harry)Movember 5

I have a name!

Jared said that if I’m going to be making all these posts, I better have a name. So he gave me one: Harry!

… I’m named after a prince! Jared just rolled his eyes… but I’m so excited! I’m Harry!

:{) — Harry

Do you want to help Harry reach his $200 fundraising goal to help promote men’s health? Make a small donation!

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