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Moustache Memoirs — Harry Holds On

Jared’s growing a moustache for Movember. His name is Harry, an he’s been keeping a journal. Check out the pictures and Harry’s entries for Movember 6 – 10.

#PSEWEB: Where Web Workers Come to Share 0

#PSEWEB: Where Web Workers Come to Share

Last year I became the Executive Director of a Canadian conference called #PSEWEB. It’s for people who work in digital communications at colleges and universities. (The name stands for Post-Secondary Education Web.) It’s a...

Content is Difficult 0

Content is Difficult

Just a really short post about the challenges behind creating content for things like your blog. You have to start somewhere.

When Does Slacktivism Help? 2

When Does Slacktivism Help?

Slactivism is a combination of the words “slacker” and “activism.” It comes up a lot in the context of supporting causes on social media. Some people think liking a post, using a hashtag, or passing...