My Pebble Smart Watch: What I like so far.

I got a Pebble smart watch for Christmas this year and I’ve been trying it out. I thought I’d share some of the things I like about it so far.

Discreet(er) Notifications


Notifications from Twitter and Facebook get sent from my phone to the watch. That makes it easy to check if something’s important without being too rude or disruptive.

Careful though. Looking at your watch too often in other people’s company might just make them think you wish you were somewhere else.

Watch Faces

You can switch between a fair number of watch faces. Plus, people can make their own and share them. Some of them are pretty unique and interesting.

Watch Face Dotz Watch Face LetsMuv Watch Face Text

Useful Apps

Some functions are built into the default software on the Pebble. You can also create new apps (if you’re technically inclined) or install ones that other people have developed through the Pebble store.

So far, two of my favourite apps are:

  • Runkeeper: It displays time and distance info on your watch while you’re running. If you have the Runkeeper app on your phone and your Pebble connected it just seems to work!
  • LetsMuv: It turns your Pebble into a pedometer. It has a pretty cool watch face option too.

Some apps still need some development. Part of the excitement around the Pebble though is the possibilities that are still being thought up and developed.

Do you have a Pebble or one of the other smart watches? How do you like it so far? Or are you opposed to the idea of wearing one? Why’s that?

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