#PSEWEB: Where Web Workers Come to Share

We're kind of a big deal on the interwebs. St. John's, NL - July 25 and 26Last year I became the Executive Director of a Canadian conference called #PSEWEB. It’s for people who work in digital communications at colleges and universities. (The name stands for Post-Secondary Education Web.)

It’s a great opportunity to learn new things, get inspired, and meet other people who share the same frustrations (and joys) at our jobs. Plus, we’re a pretty laid back bunch. Our mascot is a prawn (shrimp) named Krause.

The majority of the two-day conference is made up of sessions where attendees share either expertise or experiences they’ve had at their schools. We learn from each other. We’re pretty proud of that.

In an industry (and a world) where things change quickly, it makes sense that no one’s an ultimate expert. But if each of us shares what we’ve learned — even though technically we’re competing — the group gets stronger.

So if you work at a college or university, check out the #PSEWEB website — especially the call for speakers page. We’ll be in St. John’s, NL in July for this year’s conference. Join up with us there.

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