Whose Tweets Should Be “Required Reading”?

Looking for Suggestions

Last week I posted this question on Twitter:

Other than yourself (of course) what #Twitter accounts would you recommend newbies follow to get an idea of the platform’s potential?

Twitter Bird (Newbie)

Some of my students are pretty new to Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who answered. (I’ll include the suggestions at the bottom of this post.)

I encourage my social media students to get comfortable with Twitter. (Some of them don’t have much experience with it at first.) I spend more time on Twitter than other platforms in class because:

  • It’s simple to learn (but challenging to master).
  • It’s used by a lot of different people (and organizations) in a lot of different ways.
  • I think it complements blog development.
  • It’s useful for sharing stuff that’s related to what we’re talking about in class.

Plus, Twitter’s also my favourite social media platform. (I may be a little biassed.)

Demonstrate Potential

When they’re getting started, some of my students aren’t aware of the different ways people use Twitter effectively. They’re still at the “why would I want to know what people had for lunch” stage.

What accounts do you think really demonstrate the potential of Twitter? Who should be “required reading” for social media students?

Suggested Accounts from Last Week

@Taggart7, @jianghomeshi, @spaikin@RyanMcGreal@ThatEricAlper@ochocinco, @TechCrunch, @RobLowe, @mabelhood, @tjzmommy, @BizNasty2point0, @momstownca

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