[RT1] Patrick Shows Off Columbia College’s Campus

This post is part of a series inspired by tweets randomly chosen from my Twitter feed. I might write a couple sentences. I might draft a diatribe. I might not know what I’m talking about. [ selecting random tweet… ] [ RT1 ]

I think I met Patrick at the HighEdWeb conference. (It’s for people who do online work for colleges and universities.)

A quick tech note: YouTube videos don’t auto-play in your Twitter feed. But I just realized they do play right on the page when you click the preview. I thought it would take me to the YouTube site, which would be a little annoying. Anyway…

I may be from another school, but I have to admit the video’s pretty slick. There are some nice campus shots that made me wonder where the college is… (Columbia, MO)… and I appreciate the drone footage.

This random tweet may not be about cool planets or controversial politicians, but I’m happy for Patrick’s happiness. (Patrick, if you’re listening, did you help with the video?)