Support Cancer Research and Keep Terry Fox’s Dream Alive

Terry FoxIn two weeks (on September 14) I’m going to run 10 km in the Terry Fox Run.

I like running, and a chance to run with a bunch of other people is nice. But there are bigger reasons to run that day.

The Terry Fox Run helps raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation, which funds innovative cancer research. The Terry Fox Foundation has funded over 1150 cancer research projects, and raised over $650 million worldwide. 84 cents of every dollar raised goes to research. (What Sets the Terry Fox Foundation Apart)

Terry Fox himself was a great Canadian role model. Before his run across the country was stopped on September 1, 1980 because cancer had appeared in his lungs, Terry had run 5373 km over 143 days. Running 10 km doesn’t hold a candle to that, but I hope it helps keep his mission and memory alive. (About Terry Fox)

Cancer is common, and maybe for some of us it seems to blend into the background of our lives. Another fundraiser. Another article in the health section of the news. But for those who face it head-on, it’s anything but background noise. And we don’t have to look far among our family, friends and acquaintances to find people who are affected by cancer.

Please consider supporting cancer research in some way this month. If you like getting outside you could walk / run / blade at one of the Terry Fox Run sites. Or you could make a small donation in support of a runner. Or even just spend half an hour learning more about cancer research online. Every little bit helps.

“Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.”
— Terry Fox

If you’d like to donate $5 in support of my 10 km run, please click here.

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