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Writing for the Web on Lynda.com

McMaster University students and staff have free access to courses on Lynda.com. Chris Nodder’s Learning to Write for the Web course is a very helpful resource for anyone who writes or edits website content....

Blog Courageous or Careful? 4

Blog Courageous or Careful?

This post first appeared on Jared’s old blog on February 5, 2013. The original comments can be found there. In his post today on Businesses Grow, Mark Schaefer talks about a new blogger’s biggest problem: Lack of confidence....

Keep Your Warmest Regards Out of the Office 2

Keep Your Warmest Regards Out of the Office

“Warmest Regards…” It’s a little unsettling to see those words at the bottom of a co-worker’s email. It seems sappy and insincere. It even makes me feel a little sick inside. It’s not a...