“The Bench” Campaign on Twitter Makes a Great Play

The NCAA won the Best Twitter Campaign Shorty Award this year. The campaign was called The Bench and featured a sassy-but-motivating court-side bench who tweeted at high school student athletes, encouraging them to keep their marks up. This video explains what was going on:


The campaign helped increase traffic to the website where students could learn about eligibility requirements by 680%.

I can see why this campaign did well. It was:

  • Unexpected and funny.
  • Relevant and important to the students.
  • Easy to engage with.
  • Complemented by other materials, like signs in schools and video.

The combination of being focussed and using the right personality to deliver the message was pretty powerful. We need to know what we’re trying to say or do. Then we need to find a meaningful way to say it that isn’t going to alienate our audience. I think this campaign hit both those targets.

Do you like this one?

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