Twitter Analytics is a Reality Check

This is my top tweet in March so far:

According to Twitter Analytics it’s appeared in people’s timelines 488 times.

I have around 1800 followers, and it was retweeted once. So 488 doesn’t really seem like that many impressions. Plus, that was my best tweet. On average over the last 28 days I’ve earned 484 impressions (total) per day.

I definitely don’t expect all of my followers to see every message I post. And I know that it’s up to me to post useful, interesting things if I want people to share. I’m not really upset about these numbers.

But I think Twitter Analytics is an interesting reality check. What you post, when you post, and how active your followers are can really make a difference to how many people see what you write.

Have you checked out your own numbers yet? What did you think about your results?

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