Keep Your Warmest Regards Out of the Office

Exasperated Kid“Warmest Regards…”

It’s a little unsettling to see those words at the bottom of a co-worker’s email. It seems sappy and insincere. It even makes me feel a little sick inside.

It’s not a generational thing either. I’ve seen young professionals rely on these words to round out messages, and it’s strange. No matter how much you like 22-year-old Jeremy in the marketing department, his “warmest regards” seem oddly out of place (and perhaps a little creepy) in a professional setting.

Let’s break this down a little.


The word itself can legitimately mean good wishes or greetings, but if you’ve never verbally given someone your regards then you have no business doing it in writing.


Really? Your warmest wishes are attached to that email you just sent about the meeting on Tuesday? Your most affectionate salutations go out to Steve in accounting who just sent you the latest budget updates?

And not only that, but you send your kindest greetings to everyone in the office. Steve’s not even special. Now you’re just being insincere.


I know, you’re going to say it’s just a polite way to end your message. Just part of your email signature.

We could debate whether or not that kind of sign-off is even necessary in emails, but let’s set that aside. If we are going to sign our emails with a note, why not make it an authentic one? Say something you mean. It might be different each time!

  • “Talk to you soon.” (If you’re going to.)
  • “See you at the meeting on Tuesday.” (Assuming there is one.)
  • “Hope things are going well in the office.” (If you do.)
  • “Say hi to Janet for me.” (She works with Steve in accounting.)
  • “Don’t forget the new cover sheet on your TPS report!” (Friendly reminders are nice.)

But unless you’re of a certain age and still enjoy saying things like “give my regards to your brother Skippy when you see him” and you actually reserve your fondest affections not for Skippy but for the co-worker in the next cubicle, please don’t send your “warmest regards.”

It doesn’t sound professional. It just sounds insincere.

I’ve had my say. Feel free to share your cool, rational, counter-regards in the comments. 😛

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